welcome to kinedata.nl

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Welcome to kinedata.nl

Kinedata.nl helps in the development and deployment of clinical movement analysis in rehabilitation, neurology, orthopedics, prosthetics and orthotics. We offer technical and scientific support to clinical centres that are setting up movement analysis facilities to support their clinical routine. Kinedata.nl is an independent consultant with great experience in the deployment of clinical applications, who understands the needs and interests of the clinician.

Rob Kleissen founded kinedata.nl in January 2016. He observed a growing interest among clinicians to use objective and quantitative tools for better choosing the most appropriate treatment and documenting treatment results. Many such tools exist, and most of them are successful in research applications. Kinedata.nl makes it easier for clinicians to introduce and use such tools in clinical practice.

Rob is an internationally recognized expert in clinical application of dynamic electromyography. Especially in this area his knowledge and experience is valuable.